I had a slightly dull day at college, lots of sitting and watching a power point presentation. I bought this dress at a flea market, the zip was broken so it was only £1, but I managed to repair it in 5 minutes so that was a good deal! It’s originally from new look. The jacket says for women on the label, and I also found it for a pound in the same flea market!


25 thoughts on “10/09/14

  1. It’s always nice when you find classic pieces in good shape second hand, and you found two! Also lucky it only took 5 minutes to fix the zipper! It would be a pain to replace it. Zipper installation always gives me anxiety. 🙂

    I went to the thrift store a couple of weeks ago looking for props for food photography and took a quick look through the jeans/pants racks hoping to find a pair of cargo pants for the field and found instead a like new pair of Lucky Brand jeans for $15USD. They’re a wee bit loose, but thought they’d be great for around the house and dress down days.


  2. My grandson, a college student, takes great pleasure in showing me the treasurers he finds at Value Village. Second hand does not bother him and he finds some great clothes for a small price tag.


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