So today was busy Tuesday, I continued to struggle over my latest art project and then rushed off to do my level counselling course. I’m loving the course and I’m learning so much from it, a lot of things I think everyone should learn at school as I’m learning so many great life skills!
I’m wearing a mans shirt that I bought in tkmaxx it’s by selected homme, sparkle and fade leggings from the flea market, I found the bag in a charity shop originally m&s, and top shop boots from the flea market.


4 thoughts on “30/09/14

  1. It’s amazing you were able to find Top Shop boots at a flea market! You must have some mad skills, or is it quite easy to find in the UK? I haven’t ever seen Top Shop in vintage stores here in the US. Also love how it’s called TK Maxx there – here we say TJ Maxx! I adore your outfit, btw!


    1. Thank you!! 🙂 Well most places in England I think it would be harder, but where I live there’s a lot of students and every season they change their wardrobe so there’s a lot of awesome stuff! 🙂 haha really! 🙂


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