1/10/14 My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I’m very excited! College was uneventful. But that was fine as, that evening I went out with my family and two of favourite friends to eat at a posh country house. Mainly so I could dress up! I had such a great time, although the rich food did pose a slight problem with my tight dress! My friends gave me their lovely present, which they had made themselves: a beautiful necklace and matching earrings, in my favourite colour pink! They work at an up and coming jewellery brand Gama jewellery : http://www.gamajewellery.com which creates vintage inspired designs! The gift was exclusively designed and created for me, as my friends know my style so well, and it’s perfect, especially with my hair!


I’m wearing a dress I found in a charity shop that I’ve always wanted to wear but never had the occasion, it’s by Claude Herve, Paris, the shoes also second hand by Aldo, and the clutch I found at the flea market for 50p!


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