Today was quite draining, I’ve started a series of 12 abstract paintings at art college, which I need to finish by next week! I also went to my counselling course, which is getting more and more interesting. We discussed how judgemental we can be, and how normal and human that is, and then how that impacts counselling. We had to tick off what situations you would judge, and I ticked 15/25!
I’m wearing primark leggings, top shop boots, pussycat dress and h&m coat all second hand!


10 thoughts on “14/10/14

  1. I just don’t like the look of fur trim, as I just see the images of animals being skinned alive (which is still happening around the world). Fur has been replaced by other materials, but I still hate the look of even the fake stuff because of the real.


  2. Zoë I am really glad you love animals. Would you consider no longer using fake fur please, so that others who are less ethical do not like the look of your clothes and copy them using real fur? 🙂


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