Today was fun, I had an induction for the 3D workshops in my college in Brighton, and I got to experiment with all the machinery! I’m wearing trousers my gran made back in the 1960s, a top shop coat, and vintage Ross shoes which my mum wore in the 1980s.



19 thoughts on “20/10/14

      1. Have you a “Healthy Planet” store near you?
        We have one of their free book stores here in Carmarthen and not just free books, but that they have a shed load of shoes too. Just asking £1 each towards the upkeep of the store. Maybe you could find another pair of lovely green shoes?

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  1. I do not recommend volunteering in some of the “Research” charity shops, because if you actually look at what some of them do to animals you’d be tempted to be an activist against them. However, I volunteer at my local Red Cross Shop, maybe you could volunteer in the one nearest to you and see some great clobber as it arrives.
    As for upcycled clothes (of which I have a few) taking pieces of one ultra bright thing and popping a slice of it into a drab smart one, well that could be awesome and I would look forward to your results.


    1. Ok 🙂 i volunteered in the british heart foundation for 4 years and i got most of my clothes there. I now buy a lot at car boots which is even cheaper! I never buy new clothes aby more, upcycling is the way forward! 🙂

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