I’m really enjoying art college at the moment. I think I might have become the teachers pets, as I always talk to the teachers everyday about my art and art in general, and so now they know me more then most students there. This is very useful, as they give better advise! My counselling course is also lovely, my group is so nice and we’re really close as we talk so much about our feelings!
Today I’m wearing an indulgence dress, boohoo leggings, top shop boots and coat, all from car boots or charity shops in brighton.


6 thoughts on “21/10/14

  1. Brighton is so lovely and it sounds like you’re on a great course! I had thought about counselling also as I did some postgrad psychology and really enjoyed it 😊.
    Great outfit, the belt is awesome. I too am a charity shop fiend! I must start on the car boot sales too!

    Best, Cam


    1. hey thank you so much for nominating me, its so sweet of you, but i’ve already been nominated for the leibster award! but i’ll answer the questions here for you 🙂
      – Your favorite color? / Votre couleur favorite ?

      – City or country ? / Ville ou campagne ?

      – Your favorite love song? / Chanson d’amour préférée ?
      I don’t have one i like most music!l

      – Ocean or mountain? / Océan ou montagne ?

      – Your favorite perfume? / Votre parfum préféré ?
      opium ysl

      – Chocolate or vanilla? / Chocolat ou vanille ?

      – what is your favorite movie? / Votre film préféré?
      legally blond…

      – What is your favorite brand? (fashion) / Votre marque préférée? (mode)

      – Day or night? / Plutôt jour ou nuit?

      – your last pucahse? / Votre dernier achat?
      a peach coloured dress, for 75p at a car boot.

      – Halloween or christmas? / Halloween ou noël?

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