So today I finally got to put together the 12 paintings that I have been working on in the last few weeks! I had fun arranging and rearranging each painting! The photo below is my favourite composition. I was very inspired by Rothko, and I wanted to create an emotive abstract series of paintings that sat together to create a mood. Each painting represents different feelings I have but only I know them, so it’s up to you to feel what you want!
I’m wearing a Solange jumper, and a h&m dress, both items are from charity shops in brighton.



16 thoughts on “23/10/14

  1. Heyy Zoe 🙂 thank you for the follow! Your blog is uh-mayzing. I come from a family of girls that would all love you, especially my mum who also owns a large collection of vintage clothes! ( probably not as impressive as yours though!) speak soon 🙂 Chloe x


        1. To be honest i only started a few months ago im not really an expert but it takes a lot of motivation to blog everyday! 🙂 ooh that sounds awesome travelling… 🙂 i love brighton it is the best place for second hand clothes! 🙂

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  2. Fascinating concept of the abstract colour painting representing emotions. It has me thinking what colour I am feeling now. In the same strand I don’t agree with ‘feeling blue’ being colour for depressed mood cause well I actually like blue – blue skies are uplifting! Anyho – interesting post plus your outfit looks great :-).

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