Today I spent the day in Geneva again, which was nice. Although I am feeling a little disappointed as I found a perfect pink fluffy coat, but it wasn’t my size. So my plan on making one is a go-go.
I’m wearing a fake fur coat.



19 thoughts on “5/01/15

  1. Very cute outfit! It occurs to me that if you ever see anything you really, really like in a design (I don’t know how well you sew?), you could buy it if it doesn’t fit to show a tailor such as in Thailand and they can copy it for you. We sent gorgeous UK woolens to Thailand and they made suits for us. Last year I bought a Zara dress I loved and predictably the material is not the greatest, so I might send the dress to Thailand with better woolen to have a perfect copy made better.

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          1. That is REALLY impressive! I have thought of trying to learn at least how to make designer doll clothes by doing something similar but lack the time. I’m also bad at math and I think that makes it hard to be good at this (measurements, etc). I hope you make some sort of fashion/design career.

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