I got accepted by Chelsea university today so I am definitely going to uni next year!! 🙂


28 thoughts on “17/03/15

  1. Helloë Zoë,

    I’ve seen some of your pet portraits now; you’re well good at art, really good. By the way, the links to your pet-portraits site doesn’t appear to work.
    You probably won’t post the comment I made the other day about your being better off doing textile design. You’re so good at art, do you need to go to university to study it?

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  2. Helloë Zoë,

    It’s probably too late for it this year, but have a go at entering a picture or two for the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, Piccadilly, and have some prints done of it, though I’m not sure if they will allow you to also enter prints after your picture has been accepted for display.

    From my experience, good pictures of cats and dogs sell very well with lots of prints being sold, judging by the little orange dots they stick on the wall for each one that’s been snapped up, so you might well be in luck financially. Lots of people shift a score or thirty prints at £30 or plus each so that’s about a grand.

    If you use some foreign-sounding name as an artist, it’s a good career move.
    I’ve blagged my way into private viewings by telling them that I’m called things like Lewkowski and I’ve got a couple of my paintings on show, ‘White Cat in a Blizzard’ and ‘Black Cat in a Coal Cellar at Night’ and it’s worked. But that’s fibbing so please don’t follow my bad example.

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