10 thoughts on “3/04/15

  1. Dear Zoe,
    Try looking in skip as well for clothes. It’s amazing what people throw out, even stuff that hasn’t even been worn.
    If you see one somewhere outside someone’s house, knock and ask them nicely if you can have a little look inside it to see what’s there. If you don’t ask and they are in, they normally think you’re being intrusive so they stop you.
    If no one’s in, just have a look anyway.

    Try and get a book from the library or even buy it called ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ which tells you which colours and shades of colours suit people according to skin types.
    These are more or less divided into four categories, each of which is given the name of a season but it’s got nothing to do with what month you were born in, it’s just their terminology.
    It’s worth going to a consultant to have your colours done so you know what suits you and what doesn’t. It makes the difference between looking washed out or sallow or looking the biz.

    I think your nearest one’s in Lewes and here are the contact details.

    Esme Hilliard
    t: 01273 471 588
    e: esme@imagewithesme.co.uk
    w: http://www.imagewithesme.co.uk
    Colour / Make-up / Style / Bridal / Men

    I don’t work for them, by the way, I’m just trying to be helpful.
    All the best,
    David Slaney

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      1. So Zoe get your colours done by a professional because although it’ll cost you about a hundred pounds, it’s a one-off and knowing what suits you or not can be life changing. Not only will it effect the way you feel about yourself, but the way that other people respond to you.
        It’s not so much which colours suit someone but which shades because a certain shade of a particular colour can make you look great but another shade which does not appear that different at first blush can make you look ill.

        If you dig out that book by Carole Jackson, try putting a large piece of silver-coloured foil just below your neck over the top half of your torso and do likewise with a gold-coloured one to get a good idea whether you’re a spring/autumn type or a winter/summer type.
        The book first came out about 1980 but things have changed in that things appear to be a bit more complicated than they thought back then; there’s such a thing as a Winter 2, for example, like an intermediate stage between winter and summer.

        Also a new tip about getting clothes free or cheaply: try checking out some of the council tips because you’d be amazed what people throw out and it seems reasonable to assume that lots of stuff in skips ends up there too.

        Some tips won’t let you take anything, others will but you have a pay a bit for it and there might be a shop for that, whereas others let you walk off with whatever you like.
        Maybe ‘phone up your district council and the county council for which ones do what.

        If you want to get a hat for yourself, then it helps to know the exact size.
        If you’re going to study in Chelsea, visit Lock’s hat shop on St James Street, SW1 because they will measure your head for you to give you the exact size you take and explain that with certain hats it helps to take a size that’s a tiny bit too small for your head for closeness of fit though it’ll stretch.

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