I’ve always loved clothes, and over the years I have been shopping a lot in charity shops, flea markets and sometimes in the high street. I now have a lot of clothes, so I thought it would be fun to see just how long I can go without wearing the same outfit! I don’t really wear exactly what’s in fashion, my policy is to wear what I feel suits me. First of all the most important thing for me is the right style for my body shape, second of all the right colours, and third of all how comfortable do I feel? Because if your not comfortable in your clothes it shows!


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  1. Hello you!

    Thank you so much for following my blog (LA-COCO-NOIRE) on WordPress. Just to let you know…after a very manic weekend and a lot of stress and cups of tea (!!!) I have finally managed to swap my blog over to Blogger. This means you won’t get updates from me through WordPress anymore.

    If you would like to continue following my blog (and I hope you do!) I will be at http://www.lacoconoire.blogspot.com – or you can find me on my new Bloglovin here: https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/la-coco-noire-13788717

    I’m still on Twitter and Instagram in the same place: http://www.twitter.com/lacoconoire and http://www.instagram.com/katieanneleask

    Have a truly beautiful day, it’s almost the weekend baby!

    Katie xxx

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  2. Hi Zoe, I look forward to seeing what creative outfit you have put together each day although I’m 100 years older than you and not nearly thin enough to attempt some of your glam looks, I do admire them. Last night I saw the movie IRIS – YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE. You are a young Iris and she is now a renowned fashion icon and she is in her 90’s. Her clothes were on exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC in their Costume Dept. Although she often buys accessories in fleas and thrifts, she clearly had some $$$ to spend along the way because she gravitated towards vintage couture and ethnic pieces. I do hope you will find a way to see this movie.
    Lori a/k/a pbenjay


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