Today I spent the day in Geneva again, which was nice. Although I am feeling a little disappointed as I found a perfect pink fluffy coat, but it wasn’t my size. So my plan on making one is a go-go.
I’m wearing a fake fur coat.





Today I travelled to Lausanne in Switzerland, to see one of my favourite art galleries again about Art Brut. The art is just so wonderfully raw and naive.




I traveled to France a few days ago to visit my family again! It’s really cold out here but there is some snow! 🙂
I’ve been visiting many art exhibitions which has been great and very inspiring.
Today I made a little pilgrimage to Audrey Hepburn’s grave. I love her so much so it was important to me to do it.




Happy New Year!
I’m wearing a Parisian collection top that was originally a dress but I cut the bottom half off as it was a tacky faux leather skirt, and instead added my favourite signature pink skirt from river island.



So today I had a lovely lunch with my other grandparents, and said good bye, as I’m heading back to dear old England already! I’ve had a great mini break and can’t wait to come back next year!
I’m wearing Primark jeans and top both from charity shops. And a cardigan from Reflections also second hand.



Today I travelled to Basel, to visit my other grandparents! We first went to the Kunstmuseum, where I saw an exhibition on mannerism to surrealism, there were some really awesome works, that I didn’t know were there! I also got to see a piece by my favourite artist Rothko! I had a great day and ate way to much food again!
I also went to a typical Swiss Christmas market, where I had my first chestnuts this year! Feeling the Christmas spirit!





Today I spent time with my grandparents again and went out for a family meal which was lovely. I also went to the local market, I wish England had a stronger tradition for markets, as organic and free range isn’t such a big deal, as everything at the market is that anyway!

I’m wearing a Reflections dress which I bought at a car boot sale.