31/10/14 Halloween!


I’ve had a lot of fun dressing up for Halloween today… Moihahaha…I found this Cyberdog dress at a car boot sale for only £4, instead of around £100 new, and so I just had to have it! I couldn’t think of a better occasion to wear it, because, yes I do love being over the top on normal day, but this would take it a bit too far for me! So Halloween it is! I wanted to be something different this year, as I’m usually a witch. So this year I am…? To be honest I’m not certain what I am, when doing my make up I was thinking of alien woman/ zombie, so face and skin ripped off a little like a zombie to reveal skull… My make up is very DIY, i didn’t have a chance to get real face paints so i used eye shadow, and eyeliner to do everything! I’ve also put PVA on my face so I’m feeling a bit stiff on one side! 🙂

Anyone got any suggestion for a name? 🙂



I’ve cut my real nails so that they’re sharp, so watch out don’t mess with me!!!