I sent my first digital portfolio off to a university today, so I’m feeling very nervous!



So as I have the week off because of my stage one assessment at art college, I’m feeling quite weird as I feel I should be working but there’s nothing to work on!
I’m going out again tonight, I’m not usually a week day clubbing kinda girl but hey!!
I’m wearing a Primark jumper which I bought at a car boot, vintage Laura Ashley jeans, and a new look coat which I bought in a charity shop.


31/10/14 Halloween!


I’ve had a lot of fun dressing up for Halloween today… Moihahaha…I found this Cyberdog dress at a car boot sale for only £4, instead of around £100 new, and so I just had to have it! I couldn’t think of a better occasion to wear it, because, yes I do love being over the top on normal day, but this would take it a bit too far for me! So Halloween it is! I wanted to be something different this year, as I’m usually a witch. So this year I am…? To be honest I’m not certain what I am, when doing my make up I was thinking of alien woman/ zombie, so face and skin ripped off a little like a zombie to reveal skull… My make up is very DIY, i didn’t have a chance to get real face paints so i used eye shadow, and eyeliner to do everything! I’ve also put PVA on my face so I’m feeling a bit stiff on one side! 🙂

Anyone got any suggestion for a name? 🙂



I’ve cut my real nails so that they’re sharp, so watch out don’t mess with me!!!




Today I went out to a lindyhop class and then afterwards attempted to dance along with a swing band. The music was awesome! Mine and my friends dance moves were not so pro and awesome, but it was hilarious and that’s what counts! I used to be quite good at lindyhop, but I stopped for a while, and I’ve forgotten a lot! For those who don’t know lindyhop it’s a very fast, very cool swing dance from the 1920’s!
I’m wearing a Zara dress, mk one fake fur jacket, both from the flea market. Clarkes shoes, and vintage bag.





This morning I drove up to Kingston uni, to visit their fine art department. I loved it, and I’m definitely applying! Then in the evening I went to a classical concert purely because I used to know the conductor Vladimir Jurowski, daughter. The music was modern, but that meant nothing in the second half as I noticed a rather handsome double base player, who looked at me several times and I looked away and vice versa… And thus started and ended a doomed romance, if only I’d smiled at him maybe (this is my fantasy) at the end of the concert he would of stepped down from the stage and whisked me off… But that only happens in the movies!
I’m wearing an h&m dress, new look coat, and literally the most fabulous shoes I’ve ever owned which I got second hand originally from new look. Here’s a photo of them close up, snake skin disco people! 🙂



Night out with my new friends in Brighton! It was awesome!! 🙂 College life is perking up! I’m wearing a Vera Moda dress, my Primark gorilla jacket, and rather sensibly some flat shoes as last time I went out, I killed my feet in heels! They’re top shop boots, which I got for £4 at a flea market, I’ve also got a top shop bag from a flea market!