Today I’ve been sorting through my many wardrobes full of clothes I’ve gathered over the last few years, they’re mainly from charity shops or car boots. I haven’t done this in a while and I managed to find about 50+ things I don’t need, so I’m feeling good! Everything will be going to a charity shop!
I’m wearing a next top, h&m leggings, and m&s bag, all from charity shops.



I’ve had a busy last few days! On Friday I went up to London to see a play called Shakespeare in love, for a friends birthday! It was amazing, plus there was a real dog in it!!! The next day I went to see the Turner Prize at the Tate, which was really good, and very inspiring!
I’m wearing an Oasis dress from a charity shop, and top shop coat!


Today was quite draining, I’ve started a series of 12 abstract paintings at art college, which I need to finish by next week! I also went to my counselling course, which is getting more and more interesting. We discussed how judgemental we can be, and how normal and human that is, and then how that impacts counselling. We had to tick off what situations you would judge, and I ticked 15/25!
I’m wearing primark leggings, top shop boots, pussycat dress and h&m coat all second hand!


Today I went out to a lindyhop class and then afterwards attempted to dance along with a swing band. The music was awesome! Mine and my friends dance moves were not so pro and awesome, but it was hilarious and that’s what counts! I used to be quite good at lindyhop, but I stopped for a while, and I’ve forgotten a lot! For those who don’t know lindyhop it’s a very fast, very cool swing dance from the 1920’s!
I’m wearing a Zara dress, mk one fake fur jacket, both from the flea market. Clarkes shoes, and vintage bag.



1/10/14 My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I’m very excited! College was uneventful. But that was fine as, that evening I went out with my family and two of favourite friends to eat at a posh country house. Mainly so I could dress up! I had such a great time, although the rich food did pose a slight problem with my tight dress! My friends gave me their lovely present, which they had made themselves: a beautiful necklace and matching earrings, in my favourite colour pink! They work at an up and coming jewellery brand Gama jewellery : http://www.gamajewellery.com which creates vintage inspired designs! The gift was exclusively designed and created for me, as my friends know my style so well, and it’s perfect, especially with my hair!


I’m wearing a dress I found in a charity shop that I’ve always wanted to wear but never had the occasion, it’s by Claude Herve, Paris, the shoes also second hand by Aldo, and the clutch I found at the flea market for 50p!



Today, at college we had a mini project involving sello tape!! I thought of creating spheres filled with water, but I ended up making something entirely different, they’re like flowers but not…

I’m wearing a dress that I found at a flea market, (no lable), that I altered by cutting it shorter at the front, boohoo leggings, top shop boots which are both second hand, and an awesomely fluffy collared coat that I got brand new in a charity shop for £6, by New Look.